Gift Membership Instructions

Please use the following helpful hints when completing the gift membership form.

On the first page of the form:

•   Be sure to mark the "I wish to give a gift of membership" checkbox.
•   If you would like to have two names appear on the membership cards, please type both names in the "Comments" field
    at the bottom of the page. You may also use the "Comments" field for any special instructions for mailing the membership.  

On the second page of the form:

•   Provide your name and address in the "Billing Information" portion of the form. We will mail you a tax letter
    confirming your generous donation.
•   Enter the name and mailing address of the gift recipient in the section at the bottom of the page. If you would like to add
    a second name to the membership, please type both names in the "Comments" field on the previous page.
•   We will mail the gift recipient a set of two membership cards along with a gift card. If you would like to include
    a personalized message on the gift card, please type your greeting in the "Special Message" field.  

Please allow approximately four weeks for your gift recipient to receive their new membership cards. Should you have any questions or concerns while completing the form or wish to purchase your gift membership by phone, you may contact our Membership Office during regular business hours at 314.655.5335.