Membership Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a Member of the Saint Louis Art Museum?

There are several easy ways to join:
•   Online here
•   By phone at 314.655.5335
•   By mail or fax with a completed membership application
•   In person at the Museum’s Information Center


I’m a Member of the Museum. May I bring a guest to a featured exhibition or to a Members-only event?

Yes, a Regular Membership allows entry for two adults, one of whom must be a Member. This is the case for free exhibition entrance and admittance to Member events such as exhibition previews and lectures, unless otherwise noted. A Family membership and above enables you to also bring any children in your household under the age of 18, and higher levels of membership allow for additional exhibition entries. Keep in mind, at least one Member must be present to receive any complimentary tickets, discounts, or event entry.


Exactly how many free exhibition tickets do I get each time I visit?

The number of free exhibition tickets depends on your level of membership.

Membership Level Free Tickets per visit
$65 Regular 2 adults
$85 Family 2 adults + children
$150 Family & Friends 4 adults + children
$250 Supporting 4 adults + children
$500 Associate 6 adults + children
$1000 Sponsor 6 adults + children

Keep in mind that featured exhibitions often have timed tickets. Tickets can be ordered in advance; same-day tickets, when available, are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.


May I loan my membership card to a friend?

Membership cards are not transferable. Cards may only be used by the person(s) listed on the card.


How long does it take to get a permanent Membership card after I send in my payment? 

We strive to mail all permanent Membership cards within 7-10 business days, but due to high volume, it can sometimes take 4 or more weeks. If you plan to visit the Museum before you have received your cards, stop by the Museum's Information Desk, and you will be issued a temporary card.


My membership card has been lost or stolen. Can I get a new one? 

The Museum will reissue you one new set of membership cards at no charge. Call the Membership Office at 314.655.5335 or email If you plan to visit the Museum before your new set of cards arrives, simply stop by the Information Desk with a photo ID to receive a temporary card.


Is my membership gift tax deductible?

Memberships up to and including the $250 Supporting level are fully tax deductible, except for the value of certain "thank you" gifts. At higher levels, the fair market value of some benefits affects deductibility:

$500 Associate  - $475 tax deductible
$1000 Sponosor - $940 tax deductible
Beaux Arts Council Levels - please contact 314.655.5124

Members at these levels may elect to decline benefits with a cash value if they wish to deduct the entire donation. When you become a Member, you will receive an acknowledgment that states the tax deductibility of your membership donation. For more specific information, please call 314.655.5335.


Will my company match my membership donation? 

Many companies will match your contribution to the Saint Louis Art Museum. With your employer’s help, you can double the impact of your support and, in some cases, upgrade to a higher level of membership. Contact your Human Resources department to determine if you are eligible and to obtain a matching gift form or instructions on submitting an online request. View a partial list of companies who currently match employee gifts to the Museum.


I'm interested in upgrading my membership to a higher level. Do I have to wait until my membership expires?

No, you may upgrade your membership at any time during the year. When you upgrade, you will immediately begin to receive the benefits associated with the higher level.


I am trying to order my free Member tickets for an exhibition online through MetroTix. What do I do?

On the homepage at, you will need to submit a PROMO CODE in the right-hand side of the screen to access ticketing options for Members. To obtain this code, call the Museum’s Membership Office at 314.655.5335. Please note: While your exhibition tickets are free, there will be a service charge for each ticket ordered through MetroTix. To avoid this fee, you can reserve your tickets in person at the Museum’s Information Center.


Need more information?
Contact the Membership Department at 314.655.5335 or